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Why Choose Wing Chun at Kung Fu Southside?

Enhance Confidence

and Fitness:

Structured classes designed to promote personal growth and resilience.

Open to All Ages

and Skill Levels:

Tailored programs from kids to adults and suitable for all skill levels.

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Welcome To Kung Fu Southside

ENROL NOW - Your Path to Mastery Begins Here!

Start your transformation today. Your mind, body, and spirit await. Receive a free traditional uniform when you sign up for the two-week trial.

Meet Our Esteemed Instructors

Sifu Dave Richardson

With over 30 years of Wing Chun experience, Sifu Dave has a rare connection to the art’s origins, having been trained by Sifu Gregory Choi, a direct student of the legendary Ip Man. Sifu Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and a rich lineage that few can claim, offering students an authentic and deeply rooted martial arts experience.


A dedicated practitioner trained by Sifu Dave, Kamani has explored various martial arts under other Sifus but found none that matched the depth and heritage of what Sifu Dave offers. With 15 years of training, Kamani brings a blend of tradition and personal innovation to her teaching, making her classes a rich learning environment.


Also a disciple of Sifu Dave for 15 years, Mick has sought knowledge from multiple martial arts masters. However, he regards the training under Sifu Dave, steeped in the traditions passed down from Ip Man, as unparalleled. Mick’s experience adds a robust understanding of Wing Chun’s practical applications and its philosophical depths.

Experience Unmatched Satisfaction

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The team at Kung Fu Southside are simply exceptional. I could not have hoped for more for my 6 and 4 year old. When you join you don’t just become part of a club you become part of a community that inspires, uplifts and empowers. Thank you Kung Fu Southside!

Kristy Commens

Programs Tailored For You

Kids Kung Fu Program

Designed for fun and development, fostering:

  • Discipline and Self-Control

  • Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Physical Fitness and Coordination

  • Self-Defense Skills

  • Respect for Others and Teamwork

Women's Kung Fu

Empowering women through:

  • Practical Self-Defense Techniques

  • Stress Relief and Improved Focus

  • Enhanced Fitness and Flexibility

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • A Supportive Community of Fellow Practitioners

Adult Wing Chun Program

A comprehensive approach for adults, focusing on:

  • Advanced Combat and Self-Defense Skills

  • Physical Conditioning and Improved Health

  • Mental Toughness and Resilience

  • Strategic Thinking and Situation Awareness

  • Spiritual Growth and Harmony

The Wing Chun Advantage

  • Direct Lineage: From Ip Man to you, through Sifu Dave Richardson.

  • Offensive & Defensive Mastery: Learn to defend and attack simultaneously.

  • Mental and Physical Agility: Develop combat skills and mental resilience.

Join us at Kung Fu Southside and start your journey to becoming stronger, more confident, and empowered.

ENROL NOW - Your Path to Mastery Begins Here!

Start your transformation today. Your mind, body, and spirit await. Receive a free traditional uniform when you sign up for the two-week trial.

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Frequetly Asked Question

What age groups are suitable for Wing Chun classes at Kung Fu Southside?

Our Wing Chun classes are designed for individuals from 6 years old to adults. We offer tailored programs that are age-appropriate and skill-level sensitive, ensuring everyone from children to seniors can safely and effectively learn and practice Wing Chun.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

For your first class, simply wear comfortable workout attire. Upon registration for the two-week trial, you will receive a free traditional uniform which you can start wearing from your second class onwards. Also, bring a water bottle and a small towel for your convenience.

Can I try a class before I commit to the two-week trial?

To ensure that our new students can experience the full benefits of Wing Chun, we offer a two-week unlimited access trial instead of a single trial class. This trial comes with a money-back guarantee, so it's completely risk-free!

Are there any hidden costs or fees with the enrollment offer?

No, there are no hidden costs or fees. The enrollment offer includes two weeks of unlimited classes and a free traditional uniform. The price you see at the checkout is the total cost—there are no additional charges.

What if I have never practiced martial arts before? Can I still join Wing Chun classes?

Absolutely! Our Wing Chun classes are suitable for beginners as well as those with previous martial arts experience. Our skilled instructors are experienced in working with all skill levels and will ensure that you are learning at a pace comfortable and appropriate for you.


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